Friday, April 2, 2010

Dusty & Rusty Canyon Road

Seeking more thrills at Grande Island Resort in Subic, I asked a staff  how to get to the Canyon Road , where their two antique cannons collection seated.

With J trailing behind me, armed with the camera, we took the rugged road uphill. But we had a little problem. We were not sure if the guy told us to turn left or right when we reached a cross road. There was no signage, not a single one! and the roads were empty.With only us who were nuts enough to hike the abandon site.

We turned right. After a little while I got a sight. As we got nearer to the structure, it came to me as ruins of something important then.

Without any signage, I couldn't imagine what exactly it was. Then I remembered reading from the resort's brochure_ the battery flake tower !

Maybe it was, but what really a battery flake tower is?_ I don't know! Do you? Anyway, the structure looked eerie, like old tombs in the cemetery, so we decided to make a pass on this and to run fast forward the hill.

After around 15-20 minutes of walking nowhere, J told me that we should give it up if another 5 minutes were consumed without a sight of the cannons. Five minutes passed. We turned back and went straight to the left turn of the cross road. Soonest enough, we found the cannons sitting adjacent to each other in the middle of abandoned little forest.

I've seen the likes of them in Corrigidor Island and in other old military ports in the country. But just the same, I was happy to be compensated for our efforts.

The cannons were huge, old and seemed to be useful toys during one or two historical wars in the country. I don't know. I'm just imagining things. hehehe!

But look at the holes. They looked like some opponents' guns/cannons had fired on them too. You know, in war movies, where people were firing to each other. Now tell me I was wrong ! I wonder another thing_ where was the cannons pointing, who were the targets?

Ahhh, these war stories stressed me ... enough of these rusty and musty historical ruins .. gotta get back down to the beach !! see you on the next post :D

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