Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Family Beach at Agdangan

On our way back to Manila, my friend Icor insisted that we must dropped by to their beach location_ somewhere in between Agdangan and Padre Burgos ( in Bondoc Peninsula). We were coming from Catanauan, around 1.2 hours drive away and sure we were dropping by. It was on the way anyway.

Bff (& the clan, 20+ members) spotted the beach in random. The plan was they would follow us to our location but made some changes on the road. They took the right turn to Agdangan and a local had suggested the resort.

It was almost nearing dusk when we arrived and joined them.

The beach resort was humble , clean and had nice sand & sea. Seemed to be a common denominator among beach resorts in this province. Agdangan is the next town after Padre Burgos, entering Bondoc Peninsula from Manila.

The resort suited a big clan like my friend's, with toddlers, teens, parents and grandparents _ the place was just fine for every member.

Water here was calm and safe especially for kids.

Beautiful colors of dusk appeared when the sun set to rest for the day.

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  1. nice blog... thanks for featuring our small town agdangan.

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