Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Tree Top Adventure

For those adventurous spirits , here's a challenging summer trip for you brave hearts! The Tree Top Adventure ! Also location is found in Subic, this is a favorite stop and swarms by trippers who have enough beach and sun and looking for anything all up there.

Going up to the entrance hall is already a challenge by itself and gives you a feeling of climbing a tree top ! Why not? The hall is constructed as high if not higher than those trees being used for the activities.

Restricted for afraid-of-heights people, all activities here are being done up, on tree tops.

This multi-purpose hall is where you can view people braver than you, whose fears surrendered in exchange by enormous thrills compensated by the tree tops experience.

Safety first ! Harness and hard hats are available for protection.

Behold and keep your eyes wide open ! Try to spot people who are doing the stunts. Try to spot us ! I know it's hard because the greens camouflaged the people.

We certainly had fun !!!

The kids couldn't resist buying some souvenir trinkets downstairs. That was a lot of fun ! ! !

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