Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Friday 2010

In Catholic churches in the Philippines, one of the highlights of Holy Week/ Lent Season is the processions of images/statues of the saints.

A Holy Friday tradition, for many years now, I usually find my way to the town of Bacoor to observe the day with my family. Here, the procession is quite long. With three big churches lining up the roads on a Holy Friday.

Privately owned carted images of saints are being donned with intricately designed gowns and carts are beautifully accessorized with expensive fresh flowers and brighten up by lights.

Most of them, if not all, are family heritage. Antiques and originally owned by the elders of the clan, passed to the present generation.

Faith, tradition and pride are three strong emotions that push the owners of these amazing images to outdo each other and present their holy possessions at their bests during procession.

In essence, Holy Friday is a commemoration of Jesus death on the cross as a proclamation of his unconditional love to all mankind.

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