Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zorb @ Boracay

Older daughter had mentioned early on our Boracay trip that she was  interested in one only and only one adventure activity_ zorb. Then randomly, I spotted an e-shuttle service of Bubble Boy Zorb right down the road of the resort we were staying. We didn't have to go out of our resort. We were at the right place for zorbing cos it was exactly  where we were_ at Fairways & Bluewaters. If  you wanna see our room, you can scroll down after this post or jump here

Daughter just got lucky cos no opposition party around ( the dad, haha!). No problem with me, I was as eager as she, haha. I actually had done almost all sea activities in Boracay : helmet diving, parasailing, banana boat, flying fish , island hopping, paraw sunset sailing, jetski.. but yet missed out land activities of the island like this zorb so I wanted to try too.

So the orb/inflated ball with us inside would roll downhill from this bamboo slope

It was a package of two rides. First was the hydro.One by one, with upper half body first in, they pushed us inside the orb with water in it. The entrance hole was quite narrow so it felt like a fish thrown in a aquarium bottle. Okey, ok_ I've never been a fish in my life, but I've seen a fish being thrown in a bottle, haven't you? haha. It looked exactly like that!!

We positioned like this. The water was just tummy level. Its purpose was to aid us glide inside the orb while it was rolling down the slope.

Then it was time... @#$%^&*. haha. It was so fast and furious!!!.. I didn't know what happened next!!

I thought the bones in my arm crumbled cos we literally went, all around of each other while the ball was rolling. haha. I guess the ride was not really for three persons and ideally for two only. Yet it was so fun we couldn't stop laughing even off the orb.

Then the part two challenge_ the harnessed ride. Younger daughter and I decided to stop torturing ourselves, haha!

My braver older girl said yes! It was the extreme zorb. Thu' harnessed, it's more challenging cos the rider would roll the way the orb rolls. Unlike in the hydro ride where rider just glides inside.

We asked the girl photographer of Bubble Boy to join the ride cos it needed two riders for balance.

.. and the rolling begun!!!!!

.. inside daughter kept on shouting incomprehensible words, haha. Until the ball reached the bottom.

Well, ask her about it :)

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  1. Hi, Zorbing is really fun! We have tried it too on my last vacation in the island. We get it with our Boracay packages we got on Can't wait for our next vacation. :)