Friday, November 30, 2012

Beach Coves

Before my memory of Fairways & Bluewaters, Boracay totally fails me, I thought I ought to share the rest of my experience there, right now or never:) It has been a month, let me refresh you from my latest post on this to the previous-est : around this resort, the most fun filled activity we had here , our room, our awesome land & sea transfer, our Halloween outside the resort. Then now we go....

... from where I was standing here ( please ignore the empty bottles of smbeers, definitely not mine, haha., it was 7 am, haller!!),  I saw...


One of the private beach coves of the resorts.

And this one too. Obviously, privacy is generously provided at this resort.

This also caught my eyes.

I lingered a little at my chosen platform and enjoyed more my bird's eye-viewing..

At the other side, I spotted the biggest beach cove of the resort.

It has a longer u-shaped white Boracay beach...

.. disrupted by a massive rock formation with a hole like a gate but no doubt another true beauty by itself.

I knew right then that that's the beach to check- out first, over the other beach coves in the resort. Besides at this point my younger daughter was pushing me to bring her to the infinity pool which is located there and if you're keen about it, you could jump here to see.

So there we went down the beach and that's me and younger daughter. Seems such a perfect beach, right?.. from a far!

Unfortunately, closer_ there's my older daughter tiptoeing over what-are-they? Massive seaweed garbage? I got confused, I was thinking : well atleast those are still organic and naturally sea produced. But still... you can't swim with them getting all over your body. That's so gross.

And then, came the real garbage. Plastic cups, candy/chips plastic wrappers. Such a shame for a high-end resort, don't you think so? Especially that the rest of Boracay : many other private beaches, stations 1,2,3 long beaches. are all so clean and white and pristine and oh so perfect Boracay!!!

Then, as if the management had e- read my thoughts..that quick, before I even thought of tweeting it ( haha, no worry, my tweeter account is dormant and never been used since created, haha ) a truck arrived with cleaning aides and started to clean-up.

So maybe, we were just too early for the beach. It was 7 am.

We chilled away from the water while the aides were busy cleaning up. In fairness, can you spot the perfect
sugary super white sand?

The villas behind us are spa cottages. I'll make a separate post on it, maybe later ;)

We also found the cave chapel nearby these spa cottages.

After seeing that we couldn't use the first beach for a swim..yet, we thought of checking the other one nearest which is located after another rock formation behind me (*see photo) at the end of the first beach. But actually changed our mind and decided to go out of the resort and go to the stations beaches.

The following morning, after breakfast, we went to check this other beach of the resort. This one is smaller. Same should have been perfect beach except that it lacked maintenance. The big rock is in full view here and quite an awesome photo backdrop.

Yet, the  privacy and "au naturel" state of this beach served its purpose for us to take beautiful photos for our private collections like the one above.

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