Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boracay2012: Our Room 1

Glad I was able to take a photo of the beds not yet messed-up-to-the-max. I had to shout to my girls, whose first instinct upon entering a hotel room would usually to muddle a perfectly done beds, to please off the beds first so I could take even just a single quiet photo. Done. haha. So this was the room we stayed at Fairways & Bluewater, Newcoast, Boracay, almost two weeks ago

The room is very masculine. Just like a few good men I know, it's straightforward, practical and well equipped. I miss you so much husband *insert luggage full of heart here*. Yet effeminately comfortable. It got all we needed. 

• Air conditioning
• Bathrobes
• Coffee/Tea Maker 
• Complimentary bottle of water
• Daily newspaper (available at the restaurant)
• Desk
• Hair Dryer
• In Room Safe
• Wireless Internet Access (subject to charges)
• Ironing Board (upon request)
• Mini-bar (subject to charges)
• Non-smoking rooms
• Refrigerator
• Satellite/Cable Television
• Shower

*above (list of amenities) I copied-pasted from their website cos i hate typing bullet items. But here I could assure you I got them all in our room.
There was one thing lacking thu'. According to our needs, and not included in the hotel's list. Good ass phone. Yes no phone in the room and we were housed on the 3rd level! Not that I needed phone to do outside call, we have cell phones ofcouse st..id cupid!! But the reception/concierge desk was down at the ground floor. No elevator in the building. So if we did need anything, we had to get down ourselves. I wasn't able to ask about why no phone. The possible reason would be between the following :  a). the particular building we stayed-in was so newly built, it hadn't completed yet its facilities fully. b). it's a damn resort concept, haha!

The masculine vibe sways up to the bathroom. I particularly admire the choice of  floor tiles here which perfectly suited a beach hotel/resort room. One of my girls got the whole bathroom floor flooded with water (wtf# she normally uses bathroom like that, haha) but in a very short while, the floor dried up real fast. By itself. Without any floor mopping done.

From there on, I noticed that the entire room had the same dried-up fast floor. So clever and practical. You know how always beach resort's guests enter the room with wet and sandy (especially there in Boracay ) feet, that floor really works.

This was our window view. No ocean view, just greens and open sky, but...

..at night or on an early dawn when the blinds were drawn..

.. the view turned into a silhouette painting..nice or not? 

We were actually housed in one of the infinite nos. of  villas inside Fairways & Bluewater. 

This is how it looks outside. Quite a modern building. Lots of this around the resort. This is no. 26, if I remember it right.????

Across our villa is  another type of villa. I saw other types of villa also but no pics.. Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast is madly huge!!! In exaggeration, almost as big as the whole station 1 white beach or is it a lot bigger??? Seems like. 

Later I'll try to make a post on around the whole resort. 
Got tons of photos here.
Gotta share.
See ya:)


  1. Ah, what a life. I wish we could just have enough funds to stay in a luxurious resort in Boracay. Still waiting the rest of your posts on Boracay :)

  2. between you and me, availing a decent accommodation is not anymore a matter of money. tayo pa na mga "gala", we find ways*,agree? haha. yesterday, i saw a voucher/deal (on the same resort) so ridiculously pricey like x5 of the actual cost of this whole diy boracay trip. in the past, after wasting countless unused vouchers fr diff. online stores, i fell out of love of them cos of their booking limitations. but it's not the end of the world. after all, we are supposedly self- proclaimed seasoned travelers, we know how to do it. naman batangala!!