Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Around Fairways & Bluewaters

This was the road view from the window of  our room. Across was the panoramic view of the sprawling world-class golf course of Fairways & Bluewaters, Boracay. And wt# was wrong with me??? I didn't even bother to snap a single photo of the lush greens fairways. And we were there inside Fairways & Bluewaters for 4 days with nothing but bluewaters and fairways!! wt#!!!!

See, I even snapped some of useless greens but none of the beautiful fairways, just few feet across where I was. Blame my lack of  inclination for golf. Maybe later when I get the chance to play golf, you'll see nothing here but haha.

I know I promised you a tour of the resort ( for those who haven't been there yet, stay with me. and if you've been there already, whatelse you're waiting for? go browse other blog, haha ).

Beach holiday here could be boring if you start comparing it to the busy loud long white beaches of stations 3,2,&1 of  Boracay. Especially if  you don't "golf". Wt#, isn't the name of the resort a give away already?? Yet, the privacy and luxury provided compensate for the lack of noise and vibrancy and that's quite fabulous for old hen like me. Not so much for my teens thu' . So I tried to balance it for them. We kindah had 60/40 of both Boracays. That_ I would share in my coming post. But now, here let's go around the resort.

It was easy to get spoiled here. Generous shuttle services were provided both  for around resort and around town.

Inside the resort,they used e-shuttle like this. I've seen similar version of it in other resorts in the country.

I'd say the hotel lobby was the ugliest part of the resort. It was tired and outdated. Opposite of the brand new villa we stayed-in. It seemed to be the  oldest structure in the resort. Definitely in need of total make- over to match the rest of the resort.

The resort / hotel has the following facilities :

• Exclusive clubhouse
• Food and beverage outlets
• Mari's Spa (Salus per aquam)
• E-jeepneys (24 hour shuttle service inside the resort, as well as pickup in D'Mall every hour until 10 PM)
• 40 new eco-friendly golf carts 
• Over 250 well-appointed guestrooms
• 18-hole championship golf course
• 4 private beach coves
• 2 Infinity Pools (the biggest freshwater pools on the island)
• La Terraza Restaurant 
• Ballroom/Convention Hall 
• Meeting rooms
• 24 hour security

* yep. I copied pasted again. from their website. haha.

Buffet breakfasts were served at La Terraza Restaurant with awesome ocean view. The food? Oh well, later at my food blog. I've started posting some of our Boracay food trips there. If you're keen about food. jump here.

Daughters were excited to have their morning swim after breakfast. Seemed like we were too early cos the first pool was under treatment when we came. It was the elevated one Did you notice that beautiful rock structure at the background?

I'd be happy to have some photo ops there, but it was currently close to the public.

Daughters insisted on swimming pool, so we went to the one right down the beach.

We walked down to one of the coves of the resort. Let's ignore the awesome white beach for now.. you gotta drop by again later for the rest of them on my next post..

Cos right in there we reached the other infinity pool...

It was so pretty facing the vast ocean, we immediately  got off the camera and enjoyed the water. So if you wanna see the beach coves and some more of the resort..

abrupt ending here.
it's going too long.
gotta stop here.
don't you think so?

see you later ;)

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