Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creepy Boracay

This holiday (Nov.1&2 x long weekend) I went to Boracay with my girls not to halloween.  I even forgot that the day we arrived (Oct. 31/12) was the Halloween peak. But surely, the first zombie who greeted me upon arrival, had reminded me. Forgive me, I'm an old hen. Here in my beautiful 3rd world country, I didn't grow up with tricks or treats nor attended a ball in outrageous costume. How I wish.

 I noticed  how  Halloween business has been thriving in our country lately.  Malls and other establishments are being decorated with Halloween theme, atleast the whole month of October. There are also lots of events that are Halloween coordinated. Definitely, our new generation is more adept on it.

For the record,  this was my girls' first Boracay. It doubled the fun that they were about to nibble some Halloween bits by the beach. A world famous beach at that. They were excited. I was too.

But first thing first _ Boracay was as usual that day. As usually perfect_ pristine, blue, white and astonishingly beautiful. I had to make a cut for my girls thu'. We would have the rest of 4 days of that perfectly hot beach anyway. I told them we better check the Halloween scenes five steps away from here.

The establishments in station 2 & 3 were still busy preparing for the big night.

We all know how cottony clouds can get up on Boracay sky, but these were more cottony and amazingly floating below the coconut trees!!

Had no idea what's inside this paper boxed house. Nor daughter wanted to peek inside too, haha.

Almost all establishments had coordinated events for the Halloween night.

We practically spent our first day tour-walking the long beach which seemed to get creepier as the day progressed:)))


Everyone looked like a zombie to me.. don't ya?

Apparently, there was a contest going on. That explained the numbers on the zombies. Also tipping was encouraged in exchanged of the photo ops with them. Why not?

I guess this group of kids was not included in the zombie contest, haha. I think they were guests halloween-ing by the beach.

The sun went down on us still doing our walking tour of the long beach. We took an early dinner.

We saw more of Halloween parade participants about to go out to the beach..

But creepy skull, we were too damn tired already. We went straight to the beach from the airport, had just thrown our luggage in the hotel room and a quick outfit change. And by 6pm, we were dead tired.

What you say?? Halloween night??? There.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..zz..


  1. Boracay beach is very fantastic and a lot of friendly people in there and wonderful white beach. Thanks for the share of these nice blog, both of you look so beautiful and Wow! so rock halloween..

  2. you are welcome and thankyou too kian :)