Thursday, November 8, 2012

Promo Airfare

 I wasted couples of airfare for Boracay this year before I was able to push thru with the trip with my girls this recent (Nov.1-2 ++) holiday. 
Good news : they were all promo fares from different Ph budget airlines. 
Bad news: still those were cash/money down the drain.
That's the curse of availing promo airfares.
You have to take advantage of the slots way too early (like a year ahead or min. 6 months earlier) before your target date. You take risk against  whatever weather condition, health condition and social status you find yourself in on the actual date of departure. Promo fares are usually irrevocable of everything : no return/no exchange, non-transferable and you may only use them on the date you booked  for, period. Meaning it's all up to you!
Ooops! Check the Cebu Pacific ticket above. Have you spotted the " may change until.." under booking details? I don't think that's for the passenger's advantage. Rather it's the other way around, I think it says, the airline management may change the date, not that the  passenger has the right to change it. I had experienced it more than twice with a particular airline. They called me for adjustment of my flight scheds.


  1. also wasted our ticket to Davao last August. had to save for our trip to SG and KL this month. haist. it had to give way to our boracay trip last june pero promo fare din. the SG-KL tickets were bought last year pa. promo fare din. i think we got it at P3,500 for the 3 of us.

    i think you can change the date, but you have to pay a rebooking fee plus the difference between the current fare and the actual fare you paid.

    1. i think it depends what promo it is in. i got some that were irrevocable. must be in cheapest fare category. i also experienced changing date w pay, but that was not a promo fare. did u say P3.5k Sg-Kl fare x3? wow! that's a steal! are you done w Sg-Kl trip? hope to see your post on that trip, soonest.

    2. end of november pa kami. naswertehan lang ung piso fare na inabot din ng P3500, ha ha ha

    3. kung hindi nman yan piso fare, i bet around P35k abutin nyan:))) looking forward to your sg-kl post. i miss sg so much.