Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Noel Bazaar 2012 (part2)

From part one of my post on Noel Bazaar 2012, here goes the part two. That cute Asian doll, we saw with his siblings...

.. at this booth with more cute stuffs. Lots of pastel dainty collectibles.

Mossimo. Well, seems like a sale is always happening on its mall outlets. What's new.

Keep calm and don't splurge.

Splurge and freak out.

Neon fashion bloggers' accessories. I say "fashion bloggers" cos I see them on the otd posts, wearing gazillion arm candies & necklaces & belts_ all at once, like a Christmas tree dressed with shining ornaments! Pardon me. I'm old. Can't relate. haha.

Bib or collar necklaces? Don't know how to call them. My girls thu' have already accumulated quite a number of them at home, yet I haven't seen them wearing any of them yet.

Make-up. Free make over! *wordless about make-up, haha. Not wearing much lately. I nearly forgot how to put it on mah face. Totally on a cool-off period with these girl's bf.

Too many shoes..

Too many to let them collect dust on shoe racks at home, if we buy more.

.. lots of folded flats also, which I say a pair of is a must- have for itchy feet like mine.

Hip shorts. My girls love them. They purchased like 5 pairs.

And women, what is a bazaar if not for tons of dresses and tops, on sale!

I pleaded my older daughter not to purchase anymore of those dresses thu'. Her closet is already screaming for space! I think she should be banned from bazaars for the next 2 years, haha. Or maybe she should have a booth herself. Sell what? Her pre-loved clothes!!! For 90% off. Fair enough?

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