Monday, February 20, 2012

Phil. Travel Expo 2012 (part1)

daughter (behind the lens) : oops mom, i think you know that pretty woman in stripes over there. . 

me: huh? who? (stripe-y woman already at her back when i turned). It happened . . that was my favorite Ms. Tweety De Leon, a.k.a. super model/celebrity of my era. See, even wealthy celeb likes to score cheap deals or was she there as endorser or owner of some travel booths? I couldn't say. .

I didn't see her, I only realized it now upon seeing those snapshots by daughter that it was her she was referring to. I'm compiling photos of my recent hauling of cheap travel deals at Phil. Travel & Tour Expo 2012 held last weekends at SMX. I went there on the first day, a Friday which I reckoned wouldn't be  as tight as I expected patron queues would be on the following Saturday and Sunday.

I was almost right cos in general  the flock of crowd wasn't yet crazy the time I went. Especially hotel booths. It was so breezy, I was able to avail clever  ( by that I meant_ cheap with free dates ) hotel accommodation deals.

Since these booths weren't busy ( it was only me then. .), I was able to discern, dissect every details of their offers, haha. Even bargain for additional requests like early cheak-ins, non-smoking rooms and choice of beds. I was happy that even though those were promo deals, I was given the privilege to book on the spot , on dates of my choice. Including regular block-out  dates like holidays and weekends. Usually, based on my personal experience, you can't use these promos on  peak seasons, especially on holidays, which I hated most and for awhile stopped me for availing promo deals.

I was only 85% right in presuming that the crowd would be light that day. Cos when I went to try airline booths_ wheeew!!! crazy#*$%^&! Our flag carrier - the Philippine Airline was the blockbuster one, as always. With the massive queue, I knew I wouldn't get a chance to score even a local promo fare. I never had a chance at expos like this, ever! haha.

Check the backpackers (like me)  favorite airline booths

Cebu Pacific.

Zest Air.


Since I don't have the patience and courage to battle a crowd like that, I have resolved long time ago that I'd rather not sleep the whole night at home and virtually combat the internet traffics during airline promos on line instead.

International carriers weren't that crowd-heavy thu'.

Cathay Pacific : Dragon Air

Tiger Airways


Jeju Air. first time I heard of this there.

Qatar Airways.

South African Airways.

Ofcourse a travel & tour expo wouldn't be complete without tour packages.
and a lot more of PTAA Expo 2012.
see ya.

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