Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pedring ( Ondoy's Jr.)

The sun begins to peek an hour ago behind the still cloudy skies of P.I. Yeah, Pedring seems to be leaving for good today. Maybe, it's still raining thu'. My girls are back to school and works resume.
Yesterday ( Sept.27), in the midst of typhoon Pedring's rage, I found husband taking out clothes from our closets. Wtf!? The wind was so strong, it managed to blow drizzle of rain through the roof over the firewall where our closets are directly attached. The water penetrated the wall of the closets and clothes about to get wet, husband had to rescue them out.
I wasn't feeling good about it. .omg! you could imagine the works! of taking them back all over again, me right? Me ashame.
Husband had to remind me that I don't have the right to complain. Yah, he's so right. Shame on me. Infront of us was a t.v. show reporting the latest updates of the country's defenseless status against a junior of Ondoy typoon Pedring.

(the ff. photos are not mine. borrowed from the images flooding in the internet. if you found yours, let me know so i could properly label it. thankyousomuch)

In Roxas Blvd.. .

. . yesterday. It was so horrendous, I had never seen an image of our old Roxas Bldv this close to a tsunami image.

Today. After Pedring, the used to be picture perfect Roxas Blvd. is now facing a total make0over renovation with million peso budget according to the chairman of MMDA.

Yesterday_ the U.S. Embassy located at the same Roxas Blvd. area.

Our favorite mall hang-out by the bay _ Mall of Asia.

Sofitel's  by the bay's pool area yesterday.

Sofitel's famous restaurant- Spiral flooded by water.

Yet, above photos are just images of affected major establishments in the city that I'm so sure would be able to spring in resurgence in no time.
But what about those so much lesser-fortunate Filipinos. whose only shelters were washed out once again. Those in the provinces whose agricultural source of income- lands were badly hit by Pedring. Those numbers of lives ended by this disastrous Pedring. Ahh, I'm so sad to compile images of them. If you're interested, lots of them in the internet. but sorry I couldn't share any of them to you.

Shame on me. For a minute, I was my so self-centered me.
Prayers for the victims.

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