Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Me:]. .gloomed by the stormy weather, a day ago I flew to a certified tropics neighbor and thought I would catch the sun there to lift me up. .

. . but the weather appeared to follow me there this morning, showing off with the same rainy mode. so I jumped -off to the next neighbor with beautiful beaches. .fingers- ctossed that the sky here had a better mood. .

well, we could always hope. .yes, but no one can exactly tell about the weather, right?. .being that like a woman with capricious mind. . I mean me, I know right? haha.
yet, rain or rain-ier, it can't stop me to savor the beautiful nature here. .
I'll stay for couple of days more and let's see where this stalker-y weather will push me next.
see you then, and yes when I come back I have lots of things to share.

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