Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you GUESS !

Three days ago, invites for Ph Fashion Week had landed in my lap courtesy of  saint Peter ( you know who you are *wink* ), thank you so much my dear:D.

Ofcourse I ran to the event, I love Fashion Week! I especially like it that I did not attend as part of the press corps/bloggers and be limited in proximity to the runway. There they were stationed behind the Guess V.I.Ps. Unlike me thu', these people are professionals with the right lenses and skills. I needed to be closer, haha.

FASTFORWARD ==> so I attended, enjoyed every bit of it ( where's the main event post???, coming my dear. Promise, after this post. you come back, ok ), but the Guess generosity didn't end when the show ended.

Guests were given each a loot bag. I love loot bags, I'm so cheap,haha.

Inside the bag were : some look books for their spring/summer 2012 collections, notebooks, membership card, some trinkets and my favorite. . this . .

I don't know to you, but for a cheapskate mom like me, I'm always happy to receive some freebies. Yah, I'm so cheap, haha. The fact is, then and now, I always love Guess jeans. True story.

So excited me, ran to a Guess store and claimed!!

Guess was so generous_ they were giving away newest arrivals.
Thank you so much_ Guess, USA.
Thanks a lot Peter,

Well, now if you hadn't attended this event and want some glimpses of it, you are welcome to come back for my next post as I featured the Guess- Philippine Fashion Week.
See ya.

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