Thursday, October 27, 2011

GUESS-Ph Fashion Week 2011

As I promised in my previous post, I'm sharing here the Guess-PH Fashion Week event I attended 4 days ago. It was at MOA's SMX (I'm so sure you know where it is, I know right?). We entered the function hall with cocktails being served few minutes before the show started.

I went with a girlfriend. .and next to our table were my daughter's school friends. Minus my daughter. She was too busy with school work (and her classmates were not? I wondered why too? haha)

A Guess V.I.P. welcomed the crowd.

The runway was blanketed by smoke that signaled  the commencement of the fashion show.

A live lady dj on the same runway had set the beat of the show, that was cool.

The show was all about Guess 2012 Spring/Summer Collection. Personally, I thought of the collection as really classic as what Guess is as ever.

The classic-ness was very pronounced in the jeans collection. For instance this bell bottom pair ( I had discarded my pairs of these a couple or more years ago) along side with. .

this pair of super tight skinny jeans. . is a statement of classy mix of timeless pieces. I guess, the trick is you wear what fits your figure. So it's more like personalized rather than trendy.

The real models in Guess jeans. I said the real ones cos there were also celebrity models who walked the ramp.

The press corps_ as busy as the models.

The celebrity models. You know who they are, so I'll skip naming them, ok?

Maxine Magalona enjoying the ramp. .

. .  and Raymund Gutierrez in the audience_ cheering his friends on the ramp.

The show was a blast!! Afterwards party people were all thirsty for drinks. Canap├ęs were being served around.

Sab Magalona didn't join her sis Max on the ramp but was also a captivating creature in the audience.

The Magalona girls truly are far more beautiful in person than in photos.

Kudos to GUESS!!!

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