Thursday, June 23, 2011


Buddha_ Thailand?

more statues_ Cambodia?

monkeys_ zoo?  It's in Isdaan, Tarlac.

During one of our road trips to the North, we dropped by to have lunch at this Filipino seafood restaurant. I was surprise to see how huge the place was. We've been passing by this establishment countless times on our way to Baguio and it was only this time that we thought of dining here.

The waters under the bamboo bridges were full of fishes. .no,  not the edible unsalted water fishes like bangus and tilapia. Lots of  koi fishes.

Younger daughter enjoyed feeding the kois while waiting for our food. Feeds were provided by the resto.

Aside from the Tacsiyapu wall ( visit here ), another attraction is the Sankilo Bridge. Guests are encourage to cross this narrow bridge to get a free kilo of fish. Not that easy thu'. It's like doing an obstacle course. Those statues at the sides are meant to distract you by spitting volume of water. Aiming to get you and the bridge wet so it would be slippery to walk on.

There were so much more to see, but we were there for a short stop-over only but nevertheless got our tummies satisfied. Foods see at my food blog.

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