Monday, June 27, 2011


In the midst of last week's rains and typhoon, I had managed to insert a relaxing day with a daughter and a friend in a nearby exclusive country club. All indoor activities - buffet trip, gym, spa, sauna, jacuzzi. . .

and speaking of jacuzzi _ here I connived with daughter to snap a photo of me and my friend while relaxing at this private spot, ssshhh. .

It was a bit disturbing. .I mean the way the jacuzzi was positioned at the center of the room. The pool is like a center stage whereas facing at it are lounging chairs (with women opted to lay on them) , sit in a balcony-like stairs of a movie theater, only they are few and the stairs are just 3 to 4 steps. Still when you are in the jacuzzi, you feel like being watch by an audience. The pool is even lighted brighter than the lounge area which is dim. Good thing, you have an option to wear bikinis instead of going naked which is an s.o.p. to most jacuzzi in the city.

Familiar spot to you? Yes it's where you think it is.

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