Monday, June 13, 2011

"thy sea is so great and my boat is so small"

For me, a day in the beach is incomplete without a little boat ride.

Look how tiny our boat was. The size of the boat was relative to our small budget, haha. We didn't bother to avail more decent boat cos this one was enough for us. We were only three passengers and it was already nearing to sunset which meant we could only stay in the sea not beyond 2 hours . Also, it meant a nearby destinations only.

We were by the way at Nasugbu, Batangas. I didn't have much expectations on the sea sights., but a boat ride is a past time I always enjoy and didn't mind the absence of sceneries in this side of Luzon.

I guess it is that I was in when one lowers his expectations, that's when he sees great in small things attitude that made me actually enjoyed this little boat ride.

I thought this trivial rock formation, was nice and well, added texture to the plain Nasugbu shores.

Remember that we only floated around near and didn't have time to go farther which I supposed got more scenic islands.

Already it was surprising that nonetheless we were able to score some interesting photos of random structures by the sea.

We made a short stop-over in a shore with better beach and water.

Swam a little. .

. . did some fruit snacking. .

. .and off to the sea again.

private resort

. . another private resort. This one is Canyon Cove.

and a beautiful photo taken by older daughter who stayed mostly behind the lens during this trip.
Not bad at all.

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