Friday, June 17, 2011


We went to Isdaan, Tarlac to eat and I was really surprise to find Tacsiyapo inside.I had no idea that the wall could be found here. I had seen a t.v. show ( years ago) featured this Tacsiyapo Wall where people tried to release their anger by smashing things against the wall.

I knew then that I would be doing some smashing to that wall  myself at the right time. The right time would be ofcourse  when anger is eating me and must be thrown out.

But I found the wall in a totally wrong time. During one of my happiest days. It was Mother's Day 2011. haha, totally I was in a perfect mood and felt nothing but love to everyone, even to those who hate me.

So there's no way that I would be using this anger management wall at that time. So I just used the chance to watch people doing the tacsiyapo.

First, one has to buy tools to smash. .

Each corresponds to a prize. Like a television costs P2000 and a mug sells for P15. Well, it's up to you now, actually it depends on how much is your anger and ofcourse on your budget,haha.

Now aim!. . on the wall are  random names of people and things that possibly you are angry with. It is a must that you shout. .what? . . Tacsiyapo!!!!!

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