Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr. & Ms. Jackfruit

Don't you envy this couple? Mr.& Ms.Jack fruit so much together. So much ready for the V- Day coming in 4 days. That reminds me to send you all my love this Valentine's Day 2011.

Back to the lovely couple, cuz' Che found them entwined with each other in the heart of the golf course in Shangrila/Mactan.

Well, I found out the fruits were not the only couple there. I saw another couple playing .This makes me think of my own date with (who else with?hihi) husband this coming heart day. For some reason, I'm always looking forward for an intimate date with this only guy I'm seeing for decades now. Not that we rarely find time to be together, on the contrary 7pm onwards daily is me and him time. Yet, for mystical reason _ we seem to haven't gotten enough of each other. I don't know why. Cupid must have had hit our hearts so deep, haha.

Anyway, I don't think I would be able to share you that date. Guess, you'd agree with me to think that it's awkward if we're going to bring a camera and take each other photos. haha.
So, what I'll do now ( while the day hasn't come yet and I'm still around. .) is share with you more bits of the paradise-y Shangri-la, Mactan. If you missed my post of the resort's beach, click here . To visit my post on the resort's spa (Chi) click here .

This is also to suggest that if you are planning to get out of town with your partner this V-day, this is one heaven of a place. The resort was so huge, you would definitely find an all yours- secluded corner, not to mention your hotel room ofcourse. Cebu is just an hour away from Manila and airlines fly almost every two hours daily to/from Mactan. Why not?

So for now, hop in this golf cart with me and let's have a mini tour of one of the best resorts in the country.



premier room

massive lobby

one of the pools

the weather was crazy, one minute it was raining , next minute rain stopped and the sun showed -up only to be followed again by a sudden return of the rain %%, haaay. . like a confused mind of a girl.

nice garden chapel

Did I mention that the resort is a bird sanctuary? It is. You would have fun seeing how close they can get, even share your breakfast table. see here.

Also a marine sanctuary. How awesome can it get?

With the lush sprawling garden foreground, pools, private beach, luxurious rooms, sophisticated bars and restos, aviary and marine sanctuary_ Shangri-la, Mactan is a slice of heaven for couples especially this weekend of l-o-v-e.

So bye for now. Let me find a way to share my next destination without ruining taking over my V- date, . haha. see ya ;}

May all the hearts smile this Valentine ;)

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