Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta : Still Hot About Habs

I dream of having my own hab (hot air balloon), actually 3 habs, with each of my 3 blogs' names on each balloon, and let them fly on the next HAB Festival !!! awesomeness!! Ofcourse, never to forget_ me riding on one of them. wake-up!!!!!

So we woke- up a bit later than planned ( see here ) but punished with massive traffic and long queue of  late comers like us those availing entrance tickets.

At one point, I was panicking cos we were still outside and some of the balloons were already starting to lift up. I badly wanted to get inside and smash a closer shots of those balloons.

I looked around and saw patrons ignored the ticket line and for a while enjoyed the flight of the balloons, unmindful of the barricade blocking the view.

Well, why not, looking up to the balloons there in the sky, it didn't matter where your gaze was coming from.

But up close, I was astonished how massively huge these balloons were. .  and really humbled me in so many ways. and yes they were amazingly amusing. .  more than the airplanes :))

For a moment, I traveled back to my childhood where party balloons flew away (accidentally)  from kids' hands. .

and I would follow them with thoughtful gazes. . .

. . and always blamed myself for not being able to grab the end tail of the balloon, fast enough so I could fly with it. haha.

So just now I realize_ it must be where my love of flying rooted. That's why flying on cheap/budget airlines doesn't bother me, unlike my wealthy friends who always fly first class, cos in my humble book_ it's still flying.

The 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was H - O - T !!!!!

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