Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She Likes My Blogs. I Like Her A Lot

I had a blissful moment of meeting a friend in person the other day. Her name is Joyce Pierce from the U.S. More than a year ago she found me in the blogosphere, curious about  kare-kare (a filipino dish). Initially she delectably visited my food blog (My 3rd & 7th Sense) and once in a while my personal blog  ( as it is being updated only once in awhile,haha ) (Monik Moments). She also made her way into following me here at Ascertain Bliss and realized that I was not in the same continent as she was. She thought all the while that I was also in U.S.
Over my almost two years (still going. . ) blogging engagement, Joyce was always there to brighten my day with sunny comments and sweet thoughts. She would make her presence through my Facebook account and would always share a word or two about my recent blog post.  I, on the other hand follows her dailies on her F.B. I'd say, I see her more frequent than most of my friends ( who don't facebook) here in P.I. who live just an hour drive from my house_ haha..
Joyce would always mention her plan of visiting P.I. and would like to meet me in person.

Finally, we made things happen. She's in the country! awesomeness!!! Yesterday, we met at the hotel she was staying and it was so surreal in a very good way. It felt like we've known each other for decades. Joyce is as real as she is as I've known her from the internet. She's charming and warm with  life is beautiful smile. Her voice is so sweet too. I love her a lot.

As a bonus, Joyce was with her husband Glen and I was able to meet another sweet soul. Glen is interestingly a very kindhearted man and very amusing in so many ways.

It was such a very ( can I borrow you fave word Glen;) nourishing experience. It humbles me to know that my  blog is traversing beyond the four corners of my home. Meeting these beautiful souls ascertained bliss in my heart.

Mabuhay to you  Joyce and Glen !!!!

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  1. Ang galing naman!!! Congrats po! =)