Monday, February 7, 2011

Less than 24 hrs in Cebu

sssshh. . silencio.. .I'm concentrating. .

huh??. . communing with nature ? meditating? yoga?. .

I'm trying to catch a nap/sleep. .hello!!!

marathon Cebu Rewind :

4:30am - Manila departure

5:30am - arrived at Mactan Airport

6:30am - Mactan/Lapu-Lapu Shrine

9:30am - breakfast at the Tides

9:40am - spa at Chi
10:40am - at the beach
see post here

11:20am - lunch at Sutukil

12:30nn - on our way to Cebu City

1:30pm - at Taoist Temple

2:45pm - at Crown Regency Towers

3pm - supper at CnT Lechon

4pm - Shamrock delicacies
5pm - Taboan Market

7pm - coffee & choco cake at Bo's Coffee, pre-dep Mactan Airport

9:30pm - departure from Mactan Airport

10:30pm - arrived Manila

How's that for a marathon trip of Cebu City + Mactan Island in less than 24 hours. Pure fun!!!! Less/ no sleep but lots of fun! We don't mind tripping a day tour of Cebu again soon.

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