Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ATV Around the Island

Grande Island was huge. We tried to walk hike around the whole island but with my lazy cuzin' who hated walking the most, it was negatively possible.

Then we saw a lot of guests driving around with ATV (all terrain vehicle), a trike in our language. The kids got excited again.

We went back to the frontdesk to avail the rides. It was P100 per 15 minutes and charging per additional minutes there after. All safe even to kids. Again, we signed waivers.

looking for Marla? sorry, she missed this, she opted to stay in the room indulging the wifi

The ATV was easy-peasy. Even those who never drove any vehicle all their lives could manage these cute trikes. Ignore the other controls. Just focus on the accelerator and the hand break. In short, it was all go, stop and directions. . period.

can you spot us ?

Like pros, we were about to drove up the hill but had to turn around. We got the wrong way. hahaha!

lots of pretty flowers around
We were able to see some of the activity stations we missed on the first day. Like the souvenir shop, the function hall buildings/hotels, obstacle course and others. Yet, there were roads not passable by the ATV. These were the rugged road to Chiquitita Island and the Canyon Road. The latter, I was able to hike by foot. See coming post.

the obstacle course by the beach

the souvenir shop. goods too expensive for me. I didn't buy anything:D

even passed by our frontbeach chalet

the front office building

Then it was time to return our trikes. So soon. We enjoyed them so much. Best part in the island.

We walked to our next choice of island activity. See next post :D

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