Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boracay2012 : Our Room 2

.. and I thought this time I would have a quiet, private Boracay with my girls when I booked our accommodations at Fairways & Bluewaters  cos it's tucked away from the pulsating beaches of stations 3,2 &1. Are you kidding me??? 95% of our recent Boracay was spent at the long beach. The whole day. And some little nights.

#can you spot us? Our long beach days ended in a q like this..

.. at the road end of D'Mall where shuttle services of hotels/resorts located away from the beach stations like  our resort, and the likes of Shangrila, Discovery Shores, etc. , drop and pick-up guests. For four days, we were commuting back and forth to Fairways & Bluewaters / D'Mall.

It was actually hassle-free cos it's not that far anyway but my girls pleaded to extend a day stay at Boracay and wanted it to be at the long beach.please,please. haha.

So on our second day, we were already scouting around station 2 for an overnight accommodation. It was difficult to get a room then cos it was a peak season, hence a long weekend holiday and a Saturday at that. Almost all hotels we like were fully booked if not located hideously.

Until finally, with the help of a local, we landed in a room at the uppermost floor of this little building. It's right beside Astoria, where I stayed before. The location is awesome cos it's at the tail of station 1 and at the head of station 2, sort of. It's beachfront and just perfect for our extended stay.

Our room is technically at the roof top of the building. Obviously this is a no high end hotel which is just befitting my shallow pocket at this point.

There are only three units at the rooftop and very very brand new. As in... we were the first guest to use it. I'm always  so happy  to stay in a brand new place. So much so that if you would make me choose to stay between a grand but old tired room and a humble but new room like this_ I'd choose the latter ofcourse! When the room was showed to us, the night before we checked-in, it was still under going  finishing touches with a promise that it would be all ready for us the following day.

Nothing much inside but a bed and a t.v. But you don't need much if you're in Boracay!! Anything you put inside a room would just be a useless distraction to the world class beach outside your door.

And how about a generous free wifi!!! In our previous hotel, we paid for wifi, hourly.

Bathroom with brand new toilet fixtures, the best!

Even better cos our stairs landed at the door of Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. Downstairs also were Hawaian Bbq and Yellow Cab.

 Not to forget that Astoria was just right beside us, which had awesome Halloween themed dinner by the beach that season. Now you ask : What's  inside that coffin????


See ya!

* our room @ Fairways & Bluewaters here.

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