Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Balatoc Mines Tour (part1)

Finally after breathtaking dusty edgy road trip, we reached the site.

I was actually surprised that the tour was going to happen in an actual mine site. I thought it was some kind of a park or a museum. We didn't arrange any advance booking and just walked-in. The guard in the gatepost made a call to the tour admin and returned to me with a positive feed back. Yes they could accommodate us.

They let us in and drove a lil' farther inside the gated compounded community  of Benguet Mines Corp.

If I remembered it right_ this is the hospital/clinic of the site.

We were welcomed by a tour staff at the reception and were asked to register. We were given a chapa, one for each and were told to hold on them for the actual tour later.

Boots and hard hats were provided for our safety cos we were meant to go deep inside a tunnel as the highlight of the tour.

We were actually loving it. .  and thought  our word of the day _ FIERCE ! ! haha.

The first phase of the tour was an introduction to the history of Benguet mining as well as general infos on gold mining  There was a small show room with vintage gadgets and samples of glittering rocks from which gold could possibly be extracted.

One of the showcases that really grabbed our attention was the typical bunkhouse model. . cos we saw them outside when we entered the vicinity of Balatoc.

They actually looked like this today ( after decades ....)


. . and this.

Our excitement grew further when it was announced that we were about to enter the actual tunnel site. We were told that it would be a walking tour going thru the inside of the tunnel but we would be riding a real locomotive train going out. Fair enough! haha.

But first a touristy/ family picture infront of the entrance of the tour site. :)))

haaay. this is kindah tiring..
visit me again..
inside the tunnel..
next ;)

*now here's next

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