Saturday, May 7, 2011

Proud To Be A Mother

As the mother, my girls naturally follow my lead. . I just hope I'm leading them to the right path. I'm actually unorthodox in some ways. I guess each mother has her own unique ways of rearing her child/ren.
Yesterday, I chanced upon a t.v. show where a mother was crying while making a "panawagan" to her mother who left her since childhood. She thought, growing -up without a mother by her side made her own motherhood so confusing. She said she has difficulties showing love and affection to her own children cos she hasn't experienced a bit of it.
She might be right. . I grew- up with a loving mother, showered me with so much affection which brought me where and how I am today as a mother to my own two teens.

Yet_ I'm no perfect. No mother is. I constantly undergo hits and misses. Oftenly, with the latter. I'm just so lucky I have a partner who balances my motherhood acts. Husband was raised by another wonderful mother_ my mother-in-law.
The world is lucky to have great mothers around.
To all mothers_ we are all awesome, today is ours. .before others do, give yourselves a pat in the back. .we all deserve it.
Happy Mother's Day !!!!

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