Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cujo 2011

Remember our shitsu? Cujo? "click here and here to remember" . Photo above was taken exactly a year ago. He had just arrived in our province to permanently migrate. This was during one of our explorations of my beautiful hometown's hidden paradise (see here and here ) and boy he was then  still so city pup, he didn't want to walk on the dirt, haha. Daughter had to carry him all the way to the beach which was one real long hike of a trail.

So to date_ this summer he has been already a  "probinsyano" for a year now. He lives with my brother who is based in my hometown. No longer the snubbish city pup, he loves nature and really quite surprising how well adapted he is now to his environment.

Well, before I show you how amazing Cujo's hiking skill, let me introduce to you another family pup. His name is Muy-muy. He lives with us in Manila and it was his first trip to my home town. He was still kindah lost to all these dirty roads, muddy trail and flowing river. Very much like Cujo last year.

So on to our latest summer hike_ we now had two pups in the company. No problem in the easy flat phase of our trail. Both pups enjoyed walking fast against each other, as if each aimed to win a marathon.

Their tongues were hanging-out grasping for air, haha, poor pups!

Fast forward to the difficult phase of the trail_ which actually demanded us all, including the pups to go down ( and later go up. . ) this quite steep hill going down to the falls/river.

Muymuy, the newest pup, was scared to death of the height and didn't want to continue the trail!!!

So we carried him alternately, all the way down the bottom (and up. . ). But even carried, I could feel the nerves of Muymuy trembling off  the sight of the mountain slopes.

Cujo, the uberly adjusted probinsyano pup had in more than one time seemed to challenge Muymuy and show off his acquired hiking skills.

This pretty hairy pup went all the way by himself. .

Only once did I push him up a bit cos the stair gap was way above his height.

Claps for Cujo!!!!! You've came a long way !!!!

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