Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BenCab's Bulol

I finally had the chance to visit BenCab Museum last week, after several Baguio visits between the earlier part of this year and last year. Finally_ cos the first time I heard of it and was in Baguio City, I  wanted to visit it right away but always was with the wrong crowd. You know, not everyone is interested to spend time in an art museum. But my family is!! Especially my own girls. So with the right company, we headed thru the dizzy-ing zigzag road of Asin where the museum is nestling.

I was amazed by the sophistication of the gallery. Yet in many times, I found myself  cut into two. My attention that is! I am a self- proclaimed art enthusiast. I'm always in awe of the man-made arts.

But am also a true blooded nature lover. . and the BenCab Museum offers both at the same time! Art works inside and nature beauties abound outside!

Inside, there were so much to see. . so much to share with you. But for now let me start with the bulols, these granary gods always amazed me in a special way.

 Lots of them here. .

 I love the way bulols are being displayed here. They are walled and could be seen from floor to floor.

More of them inside the Cordillera Gallery.. .

. . along with other authentic Cordillera wood art works. .

Up-close, they are more captivating. Some are even interestingly scary looking figures.

So much more to see. . so many amazing paintings in oil, acrylic, pencil and mixed media. Sculptures which produced from  the most unexpected materials and stories of subjects in random. Too many to accommodate in a single post. They will show in random on my coming posts, promise. .

The highlight of our visit was meeting the national artist himself _ the BenCab!!! It was last minute of the day and the museum was to call it a day. We were exiting and came entering the founder of the museum _ Mr. Benedicto Cabrera. He was too kind to oblige for a photo op, even signed an autograph for my girls. Thank you so much BenCab!!

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