Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tale of Cujo

Cujo is a curious pup. He wants to go anywhere ate Kyla goes. Into the woods he went with Kyla. Hailed from the city, Cujo was amazed by the nature abound surrounded him.

One alien thing snapped him to excitement. He ran so fast pulling Kyla toward this pile of _ _ ???

He sniffed. . sniffed.. walked around it, oblivious of the carabao (water buffalo) who was watching his pile of possessions.

Mr. Carabao begun to snarl so loud as if to warn Cujo to get away from his pile.

Cujo didn't try to protest a single bark word and walked away with us.

Next stop > to the beach. Swim with Cujo on the next post. See yah !

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