Monday, August 23, 2010

Davao Baywalk

Entering Davao Baywalk, something humongous captured my eyes.

 The statue of Michael Angelo's David.

It's gold or bronze? Huge! It's wt#!!! haha.

When I recovered from the vast structure, I became aware of the pond at the foot of David. There were fishes swimming and I was tempted to pet one cos the pool was so shallow you could easily give the fishes a hand. Right on time, cuzin' S warned me to take my hands off the water...

..cos the fish approaching my hand was a baby shark! wt#. There were plenty of them. I wonder, are they as dangerous as the matured sharks?

At the back of David, The little Mermaid sits thoughtfully , which claimed to be a faithful reproduction of the original sitting at Copenhagen, Denmark.

There's also a mini zoo at the entrance of the park with giant ostrich.

The Baywalk park still awaiting a whole bunch of works to finish_ as of my visit (Aug. 18,2010). I hope to see it complete when I get to visit it next time.

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