Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kublai Ponce Millan @ Davao City

Wandering around Davao City, days before the highlights of Kadayawan Festival was fairly interesting. I noticed a lot of nature, art and cultural exhibits were on going around the city. Different venues (hotels, malls, parks, museums) featured various artists. I even met some of them personally. The province is gifted with bountiful nature, no doubt it produces numerous artists of different medium.

One Davao's phenomenal artist from Cotabato, well known Kublai Ponce Millan , monopolizes the art scene in this side of the Philippines. The most accessible thu' could be found at the center of Davao City, in the People's Park.

I'm talking about some of his sculpture works. I gathered that he is a multi artist and that he excelled in every media he set his talent into.

What tickled me thu' was that my cousin's town house in Davao City where we stayed the whole time in Davao had it's own Kublai creations with an s. Not one but two!

In the dining room, a beautiful Kublai's oil painting cheered up the dining scene of the house.

A Kublai stone sculpture nestles at the lanai

Beautiful.beautiful !!!! It just saddened me when Cuzin told us that she's planning to sell the house. She has other houses and this one is hardly being used if not for some of the guests she entertained in the city. The thing is_ the Kublai's go with the house. haaaay !

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