Thursday, August 5, 2010


No nature trip. My recent week has been consumed by movie trips in 2D theaters. All out firing, blasting , fighting, running . . .haaay, I was darned so tired after each movie but the spirit lingers  _ fighting spirit ! I feel up and alive to fight my daily battles in real world.

My first movie was Inception, Leonardo De Carpio. We went in almost 20 minutes passed the beginning of the movie.(no choice thu', the next showing was lfs at 10 pm and it was only 7pm).  Not sure if I missed a lot of essential scenes, must had been why at the end of the movie I felt like I had to watch it all over again to fully absorb it. Anyway, bottom line is_ it was very engaging, exciting and a kind of movie you wouldn't want to miss a single screen scene so as not to get lost at the next scene. Remember _ Inception is a dream within a dream within a dream . . . a series / piles /layers  of dreams. . ugh. . that wasn't easy. When the lights turned back on, I had to ask myself  : am I dreamin' or what?? hahaha! That good !

My second movie was Salt, Angelina Jolie. With minimal three outfits, Angelina plunged into a role she does best - a heroine. It's one movie that swiftly took me away.. fast, exciting. . not much thinking needed from reality. Each scene deliciously answered each of my child prayer - that the heroine Salt stayed alive and free all throughout the movie. Never mind if she fought with gazillion big gunned men and killed all of them or leaped off a moving subway train to a moving truck down the bridge and emerged unscathed with her pouting lips.
This movie has done its job well - took me in a make believe world.Where a woman could take down all the bad men - single handed and still emerged beautiful. loveth !

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