Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Go To Tagaytay Market

It's funny how my dear relatives would lead me to going up to Tagaytay. My aunt would call on the phone and would say_" let's go up there, I've ran out of suka" (she loves the kaong vinegar), then a follow-up call from my cousin who would agree to the idea because according to her she suddenly feel an urge for dried tawilis and bulalo. From there, the market list would go on and as the time went on, Tagaytay has become a favorite weekend market of my family.

I see pineapples aeound Tagaytay. Sometimes they are as sweet like the ones from the can. Buy usually they are..

need I say more??? haha, the face!

At this point, there would be little arguments between me and the vendor. Here, the expert vendor is always right. She would insist of the sweetness of the pineapple and would go as far as blaming my toothpaste mint flavor ( even though it had been 5 hours ago since I brushed my teeth last), as culprit of my unacceptable verdict to her pineapple.

But hey manang, don't cha forget, universally_ the customer is always right! So I would go around until I find the right sweet pineapples that match my sweet tooth.

Until then the case is dismissed and I'm happy with my pineapple purchase from Tagaytay market.

There was a period of time that I was frantically into "all must be organic".But just like othe phases of my life, that too had passed. Although, I remain to be interested with organic products, I stop hunting hard. I hust buy whenever available.

my favorite alalay in the market, my older daughter
Usually, we go to Tagaytay on a snap. Sometimes we arrive at lunch time and mostly after market hours which are before 12 nn. So frequent the Mahogany Market. They say that items here are more expensive than the other wet markets here.

Other times we also buy from little market we see on the road like this one..

And go home to Manila with one week supply of fresh vegies and fruits. With happy smiles on our faces.

Except the tired driver_ my husband :))

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