Monday, June 15, 2009

LakeView Suites, Tagaytay

Nestling on the side ridge of Tagaytay road, LakeView Suites is a white elephant. Huge compare to most hotels in this mountain. It is Korean owned.

Although, they were already accomodating stay-in guests,the hotel was running on a dry-run yet. There were phases of the place that were not finish yet. Like a building or two more.

Later we learned from one of the family owners that there were units for sale too. We saw some Koreans residing in the place.

There was no restaurant yet. They offered a common kitchen with complete cooking facilities, foc. A spacious common dining room awaited those who wanted to eat inside the premise.

If you frequent Tagaytay, you must know your way tot eh best dining corners of the city which are all a minute away from each other. The city offers a wide gastronomical experience. It's one of the best place to go if you're in for a food trip.

Always, I have a good feeling with new place. It doesn't matter to me if the service and facilities are not in full blast yet. I'd rather enjoy the privacy of a new place sans long queue of crowds_ usually a situation to bear in a well established, popular places.

New equals to clean plus fresh plus hygienic plus space equals I love brand new hotel !!!!

Each room was fully furnished with beautiful furniture and high tech appliances. Interior designed unique from one another.

The one we stayed in had a pretty veranda with breath taking view . . . .

couldn't wait to take a splash . . . .

But above all, LakeView is about the breathtaking view of Tagaytay.

To fully indulge our eyes, we went up to the roof top deck (so huge!) which was connected by a hanging bridge to another deck of the other building.

The wind was blowing strong at this point but it was all worth it when we laid our eyes to mother nature gift to this land.

Piece of heaven on Earth. :D


Piece of heaven on Earth. :D

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