Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Silangang Nayon

I watched that uncanny flying/zipping plane crossing back and forth above the sea right infront of me.

For some minutes I watched it with blank stares.. you know like when you're too tired and your eyes mindlessly work independently off the brain, without analyzing the image. .it was like that. Then my eyes went back to work with my brain. .

. . then it dawned on me_ it was the "flying waiter" I've seen in other blogs. I didn't recognize it at first cos it wasn't colorfully dressed-up as I've seen it in blog photos. Plus ofcourse I was kindah space out that afternoon when we made a lunch stop there at Silangang Nayon on our way back to Manila.

The zipping plane transports the foods from the resort's main kitchen, to serve those guests who opted to dine in the area above the sea. Otherwise, you could imagine how tedious it would be if the waiters would manually serve the foods. They have to walk miles away, walk through the stilts bearing trays of food and drinks.

At first, we also wanted to dine in the stilts area. It was so scenic, who wouldn't have wanted to dine in the sea? Not us. .

. .but the wind was blowing stronger by the minute, then the rain fell. So we decided to occupy one of the landed huts instead.

It has a mini zoo but nothing so much to see. .

. .this iguana amused my girls thu'.

.  .and the free range birds ( don't know what kind )? walking happily in the grounds near the entrance of the resort.

Silangang Nayon is in Pagbilao Quezon. It's a park and dine place. A breather for long drive trips in Quezon and Bicol. I first had a glimpse of it when we went to Pueblo Por La Playa which nestles almost right beside it
ps: foods at My 3rd & 7th Sense.

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