Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7th High

Another latest attraction that tickled my fancy in Singapore was a crystallized structure afloat the waters of Marina Bay.

At night, Avalon steals the clubbing scene in this side of the planet. Sorry me, I didn't make it inside. I had to rush to the airport for my next desti. Friends have only nothing but ohhs and ahhs about the high fashion interiors of this venue. If only to see the state of the arts interiors of Avalon, I would really want to get inside next time. First of all my motherhood status has long lamed my clubber's pass and that's to admit how rare as newyear I get to go clubbing. Second of all_ I'm already a rusty old cheese, already with acquired preference to soft ocean waves whispers over the raging club music, haha.

Back home, the only night life that blinks is some random food trips in a comedy bar with my husband. Yeah, how lame. I know right? haha. Or worser_ the nights are vigilantly spend watching some reality shows on t.v. haha.
About clubbing?_ get the good rid of me! I give the floors to my teens. But the dad thinks otherwise. He still thinks of them as kids.

So last month when my older teen was invited to her bf's party. .

. . the whole family went. haha. Don't get me wrong, we were all got invited anyway ( or was that only because the best friend well knew, daughter couldn't attend the party w/o us, haha). The host parents are actually good friends of ours.

Was glad thu' to join daughter. I was able to check the clubbing scene in the metro.

The venue was at Seventh High in Global City. The party was particularly held at The Lounge which was privately rented for the whole night by the host.

Interesting back draft by the bar_can you spot it?

The thirsty guest couldn't be happier, apart from the sumptuous buffet, it was an open bar 'till the end.

Next door was where the raging clubbing was happening. I could hear the sounds passed through the close walls when I passed by.

It was past midnight when we called it off. Outside, the night had just begun for many who was queuing to get in.

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