Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sonya's Garden

I had this photo of Canyon Cove Beach Club taken on a boat ride in Nasugbu, Batangas  months ago. My girls thought we must pay it a visit the next time.

Last, last weekend, a quick breakfast at Tagaytay with the sun beaming beach-happy to us, made us push the dad to continue our random road trip down to Nasugbu Batangas. The truth was all the while the girls and I had ofcourse a hidden agenda_ we actually included swimsuits in our daytour bags, haha.
It took us more than an hour to reach Nasugbu from Tagaytay. There was a partial road reconstruction going on along the way. Hmm. . we could smell a stench of karma there, haha.

We entered the resort and intentionally ignored the front desk. We wanted to see the place first. The reception lobby was too busy anyway to attend to us. From the open lobby we took a quick glance of the huge pool fronting the beach. All bareness. Nothing follows.  That quick glance was all we needed to cut the beach day idea. Right away, we went back to the car with the dad who hadn't even  yet unloaded himself  and alibied to him that it was fully booked. White lie. We didn't like the resort. It looked so contrived to us. Sorry.

We decided to go back to Tagaytay. To compensate for the useless/failed  Nasugbu drive, we made a stop at Sonya's Garden in Alfonso Cavite. The girls, guilty of the tiring driving task imposed to their father, thought to make up by treating him ( remember, at this time of the year, the girls' wallets were still fat from the holiday's aguinaldo )  to his favorite indulgence_ massage! Husband had the spa's signature massage for about P800 which the girls paid willingly.

Since it was my girls first time at Sonya's, they spent the waiting time (for their dad) checking each corner of the garden.


rose petal pot

terra-cota garden chimes

Lunch done outside ( good news to my wallet, haha. actually, dining here is quite costly but soo worth it ). The girls enjoyed freshly baked goodies from the bakeshop of the garden resort. Check them at my food blog.

We also went to check the country store of the garden.

I bought a bottle of an oil-based insect repellent which I thought would be very useful on our  trips.

The youngest member of the family, my budding religious daughter had her eyes on religious items, whatelse?   She bought a rosary bracelet.

scented candles & soap

so italy

pure cuteness

pure chessy-ness,haha

Sonya's Garden is so conducive for spending the day doing nothing but to relax. It also offers a B&B cottages. Hmmm. . wish.wish. we could spend even only for a single night here next time.

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