Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raffles Hotel

I marveled around the grace of Raffles Hotel, Singapore. It's colonial-styled architecture exudes no less than timeless elegance.

Dominated by whites and splashed with rich golds, the luxurious hotel is pleasantly balanced with greens. It has a number of courtyards which could easily be translated as lush tropical gardens.

You could easily forget that the hotel spans in the middle of cosmopolitan area. Well, where else in Singapore is not cosmo anyway.

It reminds me so much of our own Manila Hotel, only in so much grander scale.

We were supposed to have a high/afternoon tea at Tiffin Room but it required a prior reservation which we failed to do, about which we were offered to come back after two hours. Besides, I was in jeans and not sure if I would be allowed. As usual, we were always running after time, so we dropped the idea of the high tea at the Raffles, maybe next time.

Raffles Hotel Arcade houses nothing short of luxurious international brands like Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton. Definitely not my brands, maybe in my next life, haha.

Here's a glimpse of how royal the suites of the Raffles can get. Again, maybe in my next life, haha.

The timeless look of the facade of the hotel goes against the modernist hotels around the metro. The history being restored way back from 1887 when it was opened. The grand hotel is being favored by known celebrities, royalty and writers.

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