Saturday, January 28, 2012

Superstar Virgo

Welcome aboard the Superstar Virgo. One of the Star Cruise's  ships which sails from Singapore on to the seas of neighboring Asian countries.

If only we had this kind of cruise in our country I would have had done it earlier. Oops, just now I googled just to make sure and have to stand corrected, cos I gathered that we actually have cruise here that locally crossing our seas. It's like island hopping ( I'm personally proud of our island beaches here in the Philippines, so far they are still the best for me) only this time you get to board on a cruise ship. Maybe I'll try that one soon. 

From Manila, I had to fly to Singapore to avail this cruise. We boarded at the HarbourFront Centre in Sg.

I rarely board a ship. The last before this ( if my failing memory serves me right), and the only time I experienced one was decade ago going to one of the cities in Mindanao. It was a passenger ship. It had a pool on a roof deck and a ballroom. Then nothing else. It was huge thu'. 

But never as grand as this Superstar Virgo!!!!

If I would ignore the body of water surrounding this vessel, I would easily forget that I was on a ship but felt more like in one of the finest hotels instead. 

More so especially inside the ship. Everything looked so "landed". . by that I meant like really forgetting that I was afloat in the  middle of  an ocean somewhere.

We stayed in a balcony class cabin. Apart from the obvious comforts of the room, this cabin class also went with some privileges. Like we didn't have to stress ourselves with eternity long queue of  custom and check-in. 

The private balcony combats the usual claustrophobic tension during the cruise one would feel in a regular closed window cabin. It was also a big treat that I needed not to go out of the room and walk long  to an open deck just to breath some ocean fresh air. 

It didn't stop me thu' to take a walk  up in the uppermost deck.

Aside from the grand Parthenon Pool ( 2nd&3rd photos ), there was a kiddie pool for the littlest swimmers.

One could stay forever in a cruise like this and would never run out of things to do for entertainment. Duty free shopping, casino, spa, library, gym. .  . . endless dots of amenities.

We caught some dance and acrobatics shows at the theater.

foods at my food blog *laterlater*

Cruise fine dining required dressing up. You know me, I travel light and didn't bring appropriate get ups. So I tweaked some and somehow halfway able.

These random cutees were simply adorable. Couldn't resist but to snap on them (hope parents won't mind).

Ofcourse this cruise is not all about offshore. Later you can drop again cos I'll share to you some beautiful places_ off the ship, that went with this cruise.
see ya.

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