Sunday, January 22, 2012

CNY 2012

I'm so fond of Chinese New Year. It's so full of many tiny bitty details which tickle my interest. But because I'm not really Chinese and no immediate family is one ( an aunt said some percentage run in our blood thu' ) I don't really celebrate it the way we do our own Jan. 1 new year. My Chinese friends keep me posted thu'. I would say I'm one of those annually loyal expectators of this grand event.
It's even bigger today (1/23/12) cos it's officially declared as a non-working holiday here in our country. Thanks to our President Noy who obviously favors his very own Chinese lineage.

As my take on this celebration, last night I took my family to a little dinner. Some Chinese inspired buffet, really cheap cos I bought it from an online voucher store, haha. With that super discounted deal, a table reserved for me was the least that I expected when we got to the place. I was actually prepared to eat without a table, even to eat standing in a corner, that kind of cheap, haha.

Apart from well accommodated table above, nothing else  to rave about the dinner, so that so it made me think twice  if I would share it in my food blog. If there's something to it_ it would be a post full of rants, haha. As always, best thing with my family, together we never failed to find ways to enjoy no matter how scarce resources are . We found our mini-est Chinese New Year laughters in fortune cookies.

For some mystic reason, why is that a fortune cookie always hits the one who cracks it? It never failed. Especially to my daughters who love every little word in it.

My youngest, a 12 year old adolescent got this one. It's so true of her. She's now, more than anytime, very conscious of her individuality. " Character is what you know you are not what others think you are".

My nearing debutant girl who always plays a role of a leader in her school got this cookie to say. " We teach little by what we say. We teach more by what we do but we teach most by what we are".

The dad got a push from his cookie. " A good intention that is not put into action will not achieve any good deed".

And yours truly. . your Ascertain Bliss friend here got this _ "You make people realize that there exists other beauties in the world".W the #?!! Was it coincidence or what? Don't ask my daughters. .cos that's exactly how they always describe me. and my blog.

How about you? What your cookie says? Happy CNY everyone!!!!

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