Monday, December 19, 2011

Chasing The Sands

With nearing to 30 Singapore labeled post I made, it wasn't just once that I was thought of as an SG resident. No. But a best friend is residing there who is making me frequent this cosmopolitan city. One would also thought with that massive numbers of blog posts I had made about SG, I must have covered this not so big  country completely. Negative again. You know how this city is so "fast building". I mean my golly, one visit I saw a vacant land, then after 3 months I revisited again and holy cow! already was a giant structure standing mighty in that 3monthsago vacant land!!! That fast and mighty!!!

This year thu', there's one spot that I missed in SG. It's the Sands Sky Park.
Early on this year_ the scene was like. .


that was me in the middle with a tripod, running after the sunset Sky Park photo ops. .  

at the ticketing with a bad news that the area was closed to the public cos of a private event happening there. .

That was my first attempt to go up to Sands Sky Park. That was in February of this 2011. .

. . and true to the spirit of reenactment. . after 6 months. . I was back to SG. . My second attempt. . .


. . again running here and there of Marina Bay Sands, see The Lion King was still up there :))

. . again at the Sands Sky Park ticketing office, we were told that there was no available slot at that time. . and I didn't have any other time to do this for the duration of that trip other than this very minute!! wtf!!

Best friend was asking me what the fuss about this Sands Sky Park?? haha. Nothing. It's just that it's one of the few latest  spots I haven't been at in Singapore. Bf, who ofcourse been there countless times, laughed at my eagerness cos she thought there was nothing so special about it. In terms of view to see, she said I had seen them all on top of different observation decks we've been around in this Lion City.

Not so keen anymore about the sky view..  but I want a photo of myself _ particularly here!!! at the infinity pool with all those bright lights in the background, haha!
Well, I'll get there. .just a matter of time:)

As of my visit a couple of months ago, these are the rates. I read the rates will go up to almost $100 for New Year's celebration at the Sands.

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