Saturday, July 3, 2010

Batis Aramin

I spent the whole day lazily in bed at Batis Aramin, Lucban Quezon. I came from a stressful prev day and was not in my right senses to enjoy a day/overnight stay with my loved ones. My cam, I guess felt the same and except for the few entrance shots by Myka/Kyla, I didn't take any photos.

After checking -in, I hit the bed and couldn't remember much. Later I felt better and joined the girls in the pool.

image borrowed fr the site

The resort is located just across the Kamay ni Jesus, a park with giant religious statues and was swarmed by local tourists that day when we were there, so we also took a pass on it and decided to visit it later when crowd is not that busy. We haven't til now.

The next morning, we woke-up and checked out. Well I guess, this resort needs a revisit. Until then. . .

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