Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flora & Fauna Expo

Ascertain Bliss came to glance a flora and fauna expo held at World Trade Center last week_The Philippine International Flora and Fauna Green Living.

Was happy and proud to find some photos of my home town's community blog _ Guinayangan Republic on exhibit in the Klub Natur's booth.




see more of these photos on Guinayangan Republic's blog site. click here to visit the site.

After a short stop at Klub Natur, we continued to explore the expo and found some interesting fauna booths.

Philippine breed snake

Palawan bear

There were some animals indigenous to Philippine fauna.

The bees' buzz intrigued us and made us stop longer than planned.

delicious and healthy honey, ready to replace risky table white sugar

bee wax, a popular ingredient of lipstick

No flora nor fauna, these rechargeable bikes caught our interest. No gas needed and off to go to your destination.

electric chargeable bikes for sale

Environment- friendly bikes that say no to hazardous air from gas powered motorcycles. For sale for P23 k per unit.

We actually arrived at WTC an hour less, near the closing time of the exhibit. That's to say we didn't have enough time to catch all the greens of the expo. Nevertheless, with that short span, we were able to learn more things about nature and appreciate the wonders of our Philippine fauna and flora. able to score some organic loots too. Happiness;D

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