Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tribal Trinkets

I coudln't help but be proud of my heritage everytime I get to see handcrafts, native accessories & trinkets being showcased and sold by/from our tourist shops.

My daughters, so young and so faithful to our country, patriotism shouts out loud from the way they accessorized their arms and necks.

They love to buy little things which they personally find pretty and very filipino from these shops. They are particularly fond of our tribal arts.

Admittedly, unlike my young girls, I don't anymore go gaga, everytime I see our tribal art products. I've seen a lot of them in my lifetime. Even saw the same products being reproduced from my younger years. Had even owned some of them myself, in one time or another.

The few times I was touristing in other countries, I would always bumped into their own cultural products and always in one way or another, I would be easily taken by the uniqueness and beauty of their arts and culture.

Yet, still these pinoy trinkets never fail to vivify the unconditional love I have to my country.

Pinoy Ako !!!

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