Sunday, March 7, 2010

a taste of summer

aaaahhh . . . . summer !!!
a taste of clear blue sky, prestine blue sea,
summer is nature !


come , enjoy the scorching sun with me
watch out for 2010 summer getaway/ destination posts
next :D

ps :

while i'm out frolicking in a furnace of fun and nature, with a promise to share a post or four or more this summer, you can refer to my archives of summer getaway destinations for your own barkada/family trip this summer. my archive list on the upper left of my home page and click a place of your choice.
inquiries? well, you could leave messages here if you can or if you don't have account here couldn't, you can follow me at Ascertain Bliss' Facebook page, just click the facebook widget on the left side of this page .
hope to share some fun with you :D