Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art On the Wall

note: each photo at its best when click to enlarge

Graffiti _ often regarded as vandalism or trash on the wall. A crime to the eyes of the owner of the wall.

But to me, another bystander who is looking at these walls, they are amazing art creations. Turned boring blank walls into interesting windows of awesome colors and images.

I am a sucker of art works_ in any form. I guess, you can call me by my other name - frustrated artist .

I'd like to believe that it runs in the family. Not that of being a frustrated one, that of feeling being an artist.
Childhood at home with my parents and a brother, creating art stuff was a norm as the other children of the neighborhood played with bought toys.

Today, my own girls show art inclinations on their own. Some of the influences, apart from the genes, are nature parks, beaches, vacations in rustic hometown, art museums, theaters, exhibits, galleries _ we frequent together as they grew up until today.

I love graffiti art, just make sure not to do it on my walls or else. . . . . :)))

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