Monday, May 4, 2009

Sta. Rita Beach (part 2)

Coming back to the main resort from the other rocky side of the island was interesting.

We walked the trail back with this ( photo) beautiful sight on the side.

We arrived back to the resort with amazing sky. Clouds formations were a heavenly sight.

The tide was in transition

Our girls discovered a funfilled fishing!

To those who haven't seen them upclose, they actually look like this (photo).

They had collected quite a number of it and started to play them by forming some images using the starfishes! I had to remind the girls that they are actually living things, like fish.

The girls thought about what I just had said and immediately put the starfishes into the sea, where they belong. Good girls!

They turned their attention to the water and enjoyed swimming. The water was calm and warm.

They were enjoying the water until one of them got an itchy leg and felt something had bitten her. It was a jelly fish. The local man said it's very abundant in this Gulf sea during summer like this time when the water is hot.

I forgot the exact name of this edible jelly fish but the man showed us on the spot how he prepared it with his bare hands and ate it raw and fresh. Yum! But still very itchy when it got to your skin. So beware !

 These tireless creatures once again found an activity to amuse themselves_ boating. They asked their uncle to paddle for them, Just near around the beach.

Unlike the kids, husband and I didn't need anymore amusement around the island..

Watching the sunset in the beach, big time!

part one here.

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