Monday, May 18, 2009

Pahiyas : Habhab Colorful Parade

After touring the colorful houses ( see here ), we joined people watching the road in anticipation of equally colorful parade.

Led by a marching band, they played music as announcement of something grand to happen in the road.

A mural was moving right infront of me. It was a huge float painted with seeds!!! amazingly creative!

Then came the group of rainbow colored padyak, (a bicycle with passenger seat),

each bearing the most popular dish of the town - habhab. It's a noodle dish locally known as pansit. Habhab is the version of Lucban. The uniqueness mainly credited to the way it's being eaten. In banana leaves and w/o utensils. See photo :)

I tell you, these participants were quite generous too...

they gave free samples of habhab to the delight of the

This was actually a contest and this happy participant obviously had the sweetest smile on her face for bagging the 2nd place.

More huge attractions of the parade walking d
own the road...

.. the higantes, giant mascots.

Well-groomed farmers' bestfriends_ carabao pulling pretty floats bearing proud local produced products.

This rider on a beautiful horse was also a scene stealer, like a character from a cowbow film.

The parade didn't end here.
There are more..

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